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You wake up on Monday morning to face a new week. You head to your closet and pick up your favorite pair of pants. They don't fit. You feel humiliated, defeated and hopeless. Great. Now you're going to have to go shopping. Oh...and it's only MONDAY. Four more days to go...

You decide you will eat healthy today. That should do the trick, right? Except you never went to the grocery store and your refrigerator contents include a bottle of ketchup, white wine and pickles. You grab whatever is sitting at the bottom of your pantry and head to work.

You consider going to the gym, but something huge is standing in your way: your mind. You know that exercise will make you feel better, but some days you just want to curl up under a blanket and never come out. Depression is a vicious cycle. Moving heals depression, but depression keeps you from moving. You're in a state of constant uncertainty. You are on an emotional roller coaster. And to add insult to injury, antidepressants can cause you to gain weight. Who's brilliant idea was that?

If social anxiety is your jam, the thought of a crowded gym is your worst nightmare. Constant judgment from strangers and forced socialization? No thank you. If you're more of a panic disorder kind of gal, one panic attack can ruin your gym plans for a week.

I get it. I completely get it. I know because all of these things describe me at some point in my life.  None of this is your fault. You were dealt a tough hand. But you can learn how to play the cards you were given.

If you are telling yourself...I'm too exhausted to get in shape. Too depressed. Too weak. Too unorganized. Too CRAZY. I'm a complete mess. A six pack is the least of my worries...I'm just lucky I'm wearing matching socks today...

Then I am the perfect coach for you.

That's because I've been there.

I too am I mess. I have been a frequent traveler on the hot mess express But, I've found a way to make fitness work for me, and I can make it work for you.

I've struggled with depression and anxiety virtually my entire life. Five years ago I officially became the first person to pass out at a bar without having a single sip of alcohol. My social anxiety became so overwhelming that I panicked and passed out. Don't worry...I landed safely on a keg and was carried outside by a complete stranger. Good times.

Let's take it back even further, six years ago I attempted suicide. I was curled up behind a bush at a park in the middle of Washington, DC swallowing pill after pill. It didn't work. The cops came and I was taken away on a stretcher. They pulled me into the ambulance and someone said, "It looks like you're having a pretty bad day." I think there were less iPhones then so luckily you can't find this event on YouTube. I lived like this for so long. It was painful, unhealthy and I felt out of control.

But during the peak of it all, I found fitness. I broke the first barrier by stepping out my door and running. I realized that running made me feel sane. So, I kept running. Eventually, I ran 26.2 miles.  

I was hooked and I started moving my body in every way possible. It became a source of therapy for me, and it changed my life. My body transformed. I learned about nutrition and had control over the food I put in my mouth. Most importantly, I had control over my emotions. I CONTROLLED THE ILLNESS. It did NOT control ME. I was STRONGER than the illness.

And now it's your turn to take control. Living with a mental illness - whether it's depression, agoraphobia, panic disorder or social anxiety is an extra obstacle to getting in shape. I've overcome that obstacle, and you can too. You CAN have control over your mind and your body. You can LOVE your body and LOVE your mind. You can be the best version of you.

I’ve spent years on this journey, and years perfecting the process with other clients.

One on one coaching with me is not your standard workout program. We will focus on steps for changing your nutrition, and we’ll get you moving. But I’ll also teach you the mental strategies that you won’t find in a traditional workout program. Together, we’ll find your strengths and weaknesses. Every client is unique, and every program is unique, but your program may include strategies such as affirmations, meditation, gratitude journals, visualization, or releasing anger. Whatever it is – emotional eating, depression, distorted thinking, self sabotage, self-doubt…we will conquer it together.

Take a moment and think about the life you really want...

How will it feel when that dream becomes reality?

Don't let mental illness win. You have depression, but it doesn’t have you. Don’t let it keep you from your dream. You deserve to succeed, and you deserve a program that understands YOU and gets you results.


This isn't a generic video series, and this isn't a diet. Every client requires a unique approach, and your program will be as unique as you are. I pour my entire heart and soul into every single person I work with, and I care about your success so much that I've devoted my life to it.

Here's What's Included in Your 1 on 1 Coaching Package:

Personalized approach to food and nutrition

  • This is not a diet, and this is not a one size fits all program. The approach is as unique as the client.

Custom workout program that progresses every two weeks

  • No generic PDFs here. We aren’t messing around. This is about YOU and your body.

Recommended strategies for overcoming mental barriers

  • Journaling, affirmations and meditation are just a few examples of the strategies designed to shift your mindset.

Two 45 minute strategy calls per month & e-mail support in between calls

  • You will leave each call with an action plan and the tools you need to implement it.

Customized worksheets and tracking tools to monitor your progress

  • We want to make sure it’s working, and I’ll give you the tools to keep track.

It's YOUR time.

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